”Download Failed” when updating Lenovo Tab 4-10 to Android Oreo (OTA Update Failure)

Posted on 20 december, 2018 in Datorer, Palm, Windows, Linux

I received a message (an OTA, Over The Air update) from Lenovo on my tablet containing the information  that there was an new version of Android (Android Oreo) for me to install. I went to the update page under Settings on my tablet (Lenovo Tab 4-10) but the download failed everytime I tried to do it. Restarts did not help even though I had more than 1.5 GB of free memory, which is the minimum required for Android Oreo.

Here’s how I solved it:

First, download the Lenovo Moto Smart Asssistant to your Windows 10 PC. You may also want to download the manual from the same page.

Connect your tablet via USB to your PC. Start LMSA and follow the instructions.

You will need to enter developer mode on your tablet. Do this by tapping 7 times on Build version under System information in your Settings. Then, go back to the main Settings menu, select Developer tools and set USB debugging ON.

LMSA will now install the Mobile Assistant App on your table. Just follow the instructions given by the app about access rights to your tablet.

In LMSA, click on the Flash tab (see image below) and wait until the page is updated with information about your tablet. On that page, search for the download arrow for a new version. and click it. The download will now begin. When the download has finished the Upgrade button will be made available at the bottom of the page. After clicking this button the upgrade will eventually fail (it did for me). However, the file has already been downloaded to your PC!

Now, copy the downloaded file (see above) from your PC to the SD card of your tablet. The downloaded file will be under ProgramData/LMSA/RomFiles (a zip file). Remember the location where you put the zip file on the SD card.

Switch off your tablet. Turn it on again by pressing and holding down the Power ON and Volume Up buttons at the same time for a while. The tablet will enter boot mode.

Press Volume Up until the page title reads Recovery mode. Then press Power to select that mode.

Now select ”Apply update from SD card”: press Volume Up/Down until the right alternative is marked and then select it by pressing the Power button. Select the file in the file dialog that is displayed.

When the install is complete, press Power to Reboot the system. Done!

PS! There are probably other workarounds that would work just as fine.

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